The sky is falling

Last Thursday evening I lay on my sofa suffering from a nasty bout of norovirus and watching show after show on cable. I guess it was space disaster night on the Discovery channel because there were three shows in a row about the threat of Near Earth Objects, think dinosaur extinction etc.

Imagine my surprise when Friday morning greeted me with breaking news out of Russia that a meteor had exploded, injuring 1,000 rooskies and causing widespread damage.

The Pandemia series deals with the near extinction of humanity through a virus, but when I was putting the original story together I considered a meteor impact as the cause.

The truth is that objects impacting the Earth have caused global extinctions at least once before and will in all likelihood happen again, eventually. It won’t be in our lifetimes, it might take thousands or millions of years, but eventually a big enough rock is going to wind up trying to occupy the same part of space that our planet is passing through at the same time.

For all our advances in technology and science and no matter how superior we see ourselves compared to all other species on this planet, in the universal timeline we’re just a blink, a slice that will be swept away with as little fanfare as we give the fly we swat away in the summer.

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