Earth Abides

I know of course that Pandemia is not the first story to address a post-apocalyptic world. I was surprised however at just how many other stories have been written and how old some of them are:

Alas, Babylon
Amnesia Moon
Apollyon (novel)
Arc Light (novel)
Armageddon (novel)
Assassins (LaHaye novel)
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Catching Fire
The Children’s Hospital
Dark December
The Dead and the Gone
Dead Heat (novel)
Deadline (Grant novel)
Desecration (novel)
The Diamond of Darkhold
Dies the Fire
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb
Earth Abides
Emergence (novel)
Engine Summer
Eternity Road (novel)
The Fifth Sacred Thing
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Galápagos (novel)
The Gate to Women’s Country
The Genocides
Glorious Appearing
God’s Grace
The Hunger Games
I Am Legend (novel)
In High Places (Turtledove)
The Indwelling
The Iron Dream
The Last Centurion
The Last Jihad
The Last Ship
Left Behind (novel)
The Long Loud Silence
The Long Tomorrow (novel)
Lords of the Psychon
Lucifer’s Hammer
A Meeting at Corvallis
Monster Island (novel)
Monster Nation (novel)
Monster Planet (novel)
The Moon Maid
Mother of Storms
The Night Eternal
Nuclear Holocausts: Atomic War in Fiction
One Second After
Out of the Ashes (Ashes series)
The Passage (novel series)
The Passage (novel)
Patriots Novels Series
Pebble in the Sky
The People of Sparks
Possession (Johnson novel)
The Postman
The Remnant (LaHaye novel)
Resurrection Day
The Road
The Scarlet Plague
Shatter Me
Ship Breaker
A Signal Shattered
Signal to Noise (novel)
Soul Harvest
The Stand
The Star-Crowned Kings
Swan Song (novel)
Tribulation Force
The Twelve (novel)
The Unincorporated Man
The Valley-Westside War
WThe Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury
The Wanderer (Fritz Leiber novel)
World War Z
The Years of Rice and Salt

Earth Abides was written in 1949!

Perhaps some upstart in sixty years from now will be surprised to find Pandemia.

My biggest inspiration is The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern. I devoured those books during the mid to late eighties.

A thousand copies sold

It’s with great pleasure I can announce that Pandemia – Genesis has exceeded 1,000 downloads on Amazon. This is a remarkable feat and one I am incredibly proud of. If you dear reader are one of those who invested your hard earned 99 cents in me, I thank-you.

Part two of the Pandemia series is cooking. I’m going to have some fun with Mike and Liz as they continue their journey through the new America that awaits them. It’s quite a responsibility creating and maintaining an entire universe so I intend to make the most of the perks that go along with it.

I can also announce that there will be a revised version of Pandemia – Genesis released in the future but as yet I do not have a date.

If you’ve seen some of the reviews I’ve received on Amazon you’ll have read that there were a few typos that slipped through the cracks. With the help of my wonderful wife these errors will be gone in the second revision.


The sky is falling

Last Thursday evening I lay on my sofa suffering from a nasty bout of norovirus and watching show after show on cable. I guess it was space disaster night on the Discovery channel because there were three shows in a row about the threat of Near Earth Objects, think dinosaur extinction etc.

Imagine my surprise when Friday morning greeted me with breaking news out of Russia that a meteor had exploded, injuring 1,000 rooskies and causing widespread damage.

The Pandemia series deals with the near extinction of humanity through a virus, but when I was putting the original story together I considered a meteor impact as the cause.

The truth is that objects impacting the Earth have caused global extinctions at least once before and will in all likelihood happen again, eventually. It won’t be in our lifetimes, it might take thousands or millions of years, but eventually a big enough rock is going to wind up trying to occupy the same part of space that our planet is passing through at the same time.

For all our advances in technology and science and no matter how superior we see ourselves compared to all other species on this planet, in the universal timeline we’re just a blink, a slice that will be swept away with as little fanfare as we give the fly we swat away in the summer.

Pandemia now live

Pandemia Genesis is now live on Amazon!

Pandemia – Genesis is part one in a series of books that relate the story of Mike and Liz Landis, a suburban couple faced with a new reality.

An exotic and mysterious virus appears in China and spreads quickly to the United States. The US Government tries to quarantine the infection and also control the information being reported by the media.

Despite rigorous protocols the virus manages to infect the general population and the rest of the world. Soon it’s impossible to hide the truth from the public and society begins to fall.

The remnants of humanity are faced with a desperate struggle as the world slips into darkness.

Mike Landis has been preparing for a time when he could rely on only himself for survival. His planning and preparedness allows Liz and he to escape the madness as their world changes and their old lives are left behind.

After retreating to the safety of northern Michigan, Mike and Liz use all of their resources and skills to stay alive.

Fans of post-apocalyptic fiction and the discerning reader who enjoys a well-researched story with deep detail will appreciate this revised and updated edition of Pandemia – Genesis.